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Why Baffle Filters on BBQ Rangehoods need to be dishwasher washed often

By Bill Grant | July 24, 2018

Why Baffle Filters on BBQ Rangehoods need to be dishwasher washed often. Most BBQ Rangehood Baffle Filters are made from 430 Grade Stainless Steel or even a Lessor Grade Stainless Steel. The 400 Grade Stainless Steels are a Charcoal Grade Stainless Steel & will rust. The 430 Grade Stainless Steel is the most resistant to […]

Is A high Exhaust Better for a BBQ Rangehood?

By Bill Grant | July 24, 2018

BBQ Rangehoods generally need to exhaust 2000m3/hr to be recognized as a genuine BBQ Rangehood. An Inline Motor (Located in the Flue or in the roof cavity) may only exhaust 1600m3/hr Gross & be extremely efficient The fact that a BBQ Rangehood may exhaust 2600m3/hr ( 1200mm Rangehood) or 3900 on a (1500mm Rangehood) can […]

Venting Kits

By Bill Grant | July 24, 2018

Ventilation is an essential for all rangehoods: You must duct all rangehoods to the outside either through the roof Under the eave or out the back wall. A lot of rangehoods in the past were ducted into the ceiling cavity. This is not only dangerous but ineffective in exhausing effeciently. For a rangehood to exhaust […]


By Bill Grant | March 21, 2015

You buy the Cooktop & the Oven but forget about the Rangehood. The most important item in your Kitchen more important than you Cooktop or your Oven. Without a Rangehood or with a Rangehood that has a meagre exhaust flow you are Not only allowing Fats &other Cooking Residues to attach themselves to your Kitchen […]

Buy Australian Made Gas Cook Tops

By Bill Grant | October 22, 2014

Gas cooking is the most popular form of Cooking in Australia! Why is it then that most Australian House Holds that have gas cooktops have European Brands & not Australian Brand  gas cooktops? Is it because they are better performing, emit  more gas resulting Greater heat or is it because people  think overseas brands are […]