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Exhaust Outlets

By Bill Grant | January 19, 2020

Always Duct off the 2 x 150mm Outlets for Maximum Exhaust 1 x 200 may look better on the roof but it is not efficient

Exhaust a BBQ Rangehood Easily

By Bill Grant | August 28, 2019

The Motor in a BBQ Rangehood needs to be of a quality that it can easily exhaust fumes,smoke grease.It is not enough to say that a BBQ Rangehood has 2000 -3000 m3/hr exhaust beause it is not the rate of exhaust that determines its ability to exhaust but rather the quality of the motor to […]

Cheap Vs Expensive

By Bill Grant | May 2, 2019

Why BUY a $2000 BBQ Rangehood when you can buy one for $600.The $600 one has the same features possibly even better features. The $600 has a greater exhaust than the more expensive model & who cares about the Stainless Steel what difference if any between Grade 304 & 316 Stainless Steel. I don’t life […]


By Bill Grant | April 6, 2019

When you receive your BBQ Rangehood no matter what grade Stainless Steel it is made off Spray a coating of Vegetable Oil over every part of the Rangehood including the Filters. This will add some protection to your Rangehood from CHLORIDES that are in the air. This should also be done after you have cleaned […]

Cleaning your BBQ Rangehood

By Bill Grant | March 12, 2019

How to clean your 304/316 Stainless Steel BBQ Rangehood Wash your BBQ rangehood regularly once a month at a minimum.Wash with mild soapy tepid water using a cloth that is not abrasive.Rinse with tap water not hose water & dry with a soft cloth like, you would if polishing your car. If you do not […]

Buying a BBQ Rangehood Part Two

By Bill Grant | July 24, 2018

When buying a BBQ Rangehood the need for careful research is paramount. There are many options which fit the basic guidelines all BBQ Rangehoods must be made from 304 or 316 Grade Stainless steel this is a minimum requirement! Your BBQ Rangehood should have no PLASTIC components> Now which BBQ Rangehood suits your circumstances do […]

Buying an Outdoor Rangehood

By Bill Grant | July 24, 2018

Buying the correct Outdoor BBQ Rangehood will enable you to enjoy your Outdoor Entertainment area without having to cope with excessive smoke & odours. The Cheapest is generally not a good purchase you will be compensating Price for quality! YOU SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR A BBQ RANGEHOOD that has all Steel components! That is there […]


By Bill Grant | July 24, 2018

Are you ducting through the roof or the back wall? It does not make much of a difference if it is done properly! Through he roof is fairly straight forward your only consideration is that their are different Flashings for tile & non tile roofs! Do not hesitate to duct of each motor if there […]

Cleaning Rust off 316 Stainless Steel BBQ Rangehood

By Bill Grant | July 24, 2018

Rust (Oxidation) on 316 Stainless Steel BBQ Rangehoods can have many origins. The most common is closeness to Salt air but there are other reasons such as cleaning your BBQ Rangehood with the wrong cleaner such as steel wool or any Caustic Cleaners. Steel wool may add minute particle of steel to the 316 Steel […]

Rust on Stainless Steel

By Bill Grant | July 24, 2018

Stainless steel is the most corrosive resistant because there is high percentage (16-36%) of Chromium is present in these steels> This element is present in sufficient quantity that when exposed to Oxidizing media( acids ,water air etc) it forms a thin ,tightly -adhering & impervious oxide layer. that stops further corrosion. The 300 Series stainless […]