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Buying the correct BBQ Rangehood

By Bill Grant | July 24, 2018

Before you Buy your BBQ Rangehood you need to know what type of BBQ Rangehood is going to be right for your circumstance. Do you have a Wall to Mount the BBQ Rangehood or is it going to be mounted on the Ceiling? How much clearance do you have from the Bottom of the BBQ […]

How High

By Bill Grant | July 24, 2018

How high do you hang a BBQ Rangehood above a BBQ? If you live in Western Australia it is easy 1200mm is the Mandatory height required under WA law. If you live anywhere else in Australia the only limiting factors are what the Warranty Terms are of the BBQ Rangehood being installed & what height […]

Having air come into the alfresco area

By Bill Grant | July 24, 2018

Your Alfresco area needs to breath just like you! Without air it will not operate properly! the smoke grease,oil & fatty residue will linger in the air ! The smoke can be very off putting & the grease,oil & fatty residues will deposit themselves all round the Alfresco Are Why is the happening when I […]

Why Baffle Filters on BBQ Rangehoods need to be dishwasher washed often

By Bill Grant | July 24, 2018

Why Baffle Filters on BBQ Rangehoods need to be dishwasher washed often. Most BBQ Rangehood Baffle Filters are made from 430 Grade Stainless Steel or even a Lessor Grade Stainless Steel. The 400 Grade Stainless Steels are a Charcoal Grade Stainless Steel & will rust. The 430 Grade Stainless Steel is the most resistant to […]

Is A high Exhaust Better for a BBQ Rangehood?

By Bill Grant | July 24, 2018

BBQ Rangehoods generally need to exhaust 2000m3/hr to be recognized as a genuine BBQ Rangehood. An Inline Motor (Located in the Flue or in the roof cavity) may only exhaust 1600m3/hr Gross & be extremely efficient The fact that a BBQ Rangehood may exhaust 2600m3/hr ( 1200mm Rangehood) or 3900 on a (1500mm Rangehood) can […]

Venting Kits

By Bill Grant | July 24, 2018

Ventilation is an essential for all rangehoods: You must duct all rangehoods to the outside either through the roof Under the eave or out the back wall. A lot of rangehoods in the past were ducted into the ceiling cavity. This is not only dangerous but ineffective in exhausing effeciently. For a rangehood to exhaust […]


By Bill Grant | March 21, 2015

You buy the Cooktop & the Oven but forget about the Rangehood. The most important item in your Kitchen more important than you Cooktop or your Oven. Without a Rangehood or with a Rangehood that has a meagre exhaust flow you are Not only allowing Fats &other Cooking Residues to attach themselves to your Kitchen […]

Buy Australian Made Gas Cook Tops

By Bill Grant | October 22, 2014

Gas cooking is the most popular form of Cooking in Australia! Why is it then that most Australian House Holds that have gas cooktops have European Brands & not Australian Brand  gas cooktops? Is it because they are better performing, emit  more gas resulting Greater heat or is it because people  think overseas brands are […]