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Buying an Outdoor Rangehood

Buying the correct Outdoor BBQ Rangehood will enable you to enjoy your Outdoor Entertainment area without having to cope with
excessive smoke & odours.

The Cheapest is generally not a good purchase you will be compensating Price for quality!

YOU SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR A BBQ RANGEHOOD that has all Steel components!

That is there is no PLASTIC in the BBQ Rangehood.

It should be made from either 304 or 316 Stainless steel any other Grade of Stainless Steel will Rust.

Baffle filters are desirable as they do not clog up & allow for a good Exhaust Flow!

Generally speaking all 1200 BBQ Rangehoods should exhaust 2000m3/hr Gross & 1500mm 3000m3/hr

All the BBQ Rangehoods on Rangehoods Plus exhaust within these parameters!

Spend some time make some calls do not make a decision based soley upon noise.

If a BBQ Rangehood is ducted correctly the associated noise will be minimal..