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Buying the correct BBQ Rangehood

Before you Buy your BBQ Rangehood you need to know what type of BBQ Rangehood is going to be right for your circumstance.

  • Do you have a Wall to Mount the BBQ Rangehood or is it going to be mounted on the Ceiling?
  • How much clearance do you have from the Bottom of the BBQ Rangehood to the Cooking surface of the BBQ?
  • Are you going to Duct through the Roof or the Back Wall?

These are Questions you have to have the Answers for before you Buy a BBQ Rangehood.

If you do not have a Back Wall or the BBQ is in the Centre of the Alfresco area the you need a Ceiling Mounted BBQ Rangehood.

Ideally you need 1200mm clearance from the underside of the BBQ Rangehood to the Cooking surface then you should exhaust through the Roof!

If you do not have 1200approx Clearance then you need either a Cassette BBQ Rangehood which can be ducted either through the roof of the nearest back wall or you could buy a Ceiling mounted BBQ Rangehood with the Motor is on the Roof.

Ducting through the Roof is always the best option.It provides the most direct route for the Exhaust to Travel.If that option is not available the Exhaust through the closest Back Wall making sure that you use a 90% Elbow of the BBQ Rangehood Outlets this will enable you to exhaust unimpeded!