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Cheap Vs Expensive

Why BUY a $2000 BBQ Rangehood when you can buy one for $600.The $600 one has the same features possibly even better features. The $600 has a greater exhaust than the more expensive model & who cares about the Stainless Steel what difference if any between Grade 304 & 316 Stainless Steel. I don’t life near the beach anyway.

The difference between the cheap & the expensive is QUALITY . Quality of the components used in the construction of the BBQ Hood.Are the Baffle Filters made of Stainless Steel or Aluminium. Aluminium will bend & warp from the heat of the BBQ.Is there any plastic compound in the hood if so this will melt & is a potential fire risk. The most important difference is to do with the Fan Motors.It is easy to say that they will exhaust 3000m3/hr but will they when the smoke.grease, fats & fumes are happening probably , not.The 3000m3/hr is when there are no impediments to stop the flow of air. The cheap hoods will either slow down considerably or stop altogether. It is about Static Pressure the ability of a fan motor to exhaust a given quantity of smoke, grease, fats & fumes successfully.