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Does Self Cleaning really work?

Yes, just spray warm water into the fans and they will do the rest!

After you spray the warm water into the fan where does the resulting dirty residue go?

Most dirty residue is exhausted through the rangehoods flue. Any remaining residue will be collected in the grease collectors.

Will the Self Cleaning together with the grease collectors increase the life span of my rangehood?

Yes. The Self Cleaning will keep the rangehood clean and the grease collectors will stop grease collecting and congealing around the motor. The grease congealing around the motor can cause the motor to short out.

Where are the Rangehoods produced?

All ourGoldenhood  rangehoods are made inTaiwan

Where are the Cooktops made 

our Gas Cooktops are made in Australia

Do your Gas Cooktops als fit in existing cut outs?

Yes some of the Gas Cooktops we stock do also fit in existing cut outs, just have a look on our wide range and inform yourself or contact us and we will assist you

If i need assistance with finding the right Gas Cooktop what do i do?

Just contact us through the website or give us a call our friendly team is always there to help you

What do I do if my goods do not arrive?

If your goods have not arrived within 10 days of shipping please contact us on 1300 912 864.