Venting Kits

  • Rangehoods Plus has Rangehood Venting Kits that will make your Job of installing very easy
  • We Install Rangehoods ourselves & as such we know what is required to Install a Rangehood Properly.
  • Our Flue Venting Kits  allow you to duct either through the top of the flue & out through the roof or out the back of the rangehood.
  • Our Venting kits even take into account whether you have a Tile or Metal Roof .
  • Most 1500mm BBQ Rangehoods require 3 x 150mm Venting Kits.
  • The New 1200mm EASIAIR BBQ Rangehoods require 2 x 150mm Venting Kits
  • Our BBQ Rangehood Venting Kits denote Venting through  Metal or Tile roof  as well as out through the Back Wall
  • You just choose what Duct Kit is appropriate for your circumstance. If in doubt give us a call an we will help you to find the ideal Venting Kit for your needs.
  • We use Metal Clamps in all our Venting Kits to secure the Ducting rather than heat resistant Tape.