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Rust on Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the most corrosive resistant because there is high percentage (16-36%) of Chromium is present in these steels>

This element is present in sufficient quantity that when exposed to Oxidizing media( acids ,water air etc) it forms a thin ,tightly -adhering & impervious oxide layer. that stops further corrosion.

The 300 Series stainless steels have the highest amounts of Chromium.

316 stainless steel can contain up to 7% Molybdenum which provides the best resistant to Chlorides ( sea salt )

Oxidation on 316 stainless steel will generally only occur when the stainless steel is cleaned with something abrasive or with
steel wool> An abrasive cleaner can erode the Chromium leaving vulnerable to corrosion or something like steel wool will
add an extra layer of unalloyed steel to the surface which will rust when exposed to moisture in the atmosphere.

Next Blog I will discuss removal of rust from 316 Stainless steel