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Why Baffle Filters on BBQ Rangehoods need to be dishwasher washed often

Why Baffle Filters on BBQ Rangehoods need to be dishwasher washed often.

Most BBQ Rangehood Baffle Filters are made from 430 Grade Stainless Steel or even a Lessor Grade Stainless Steel.
The 400 Grade Stainless Steels are a Charcoal Grade Stainless Steel & will rust.
The 430 Grade Stainless Steel is the most resistant to corrosion of the 400 grade but it will rust if not looked after properly!
The main contributor to Rust is the Chloride in Salt.
So closeness to the beach will attract a Salt to your Baffle Filters when the BBQ Rangehood is operating
Closeness to the beach is anything from 1 to 5 Kilometers away.
By Dishwasher washing these Baffle Filters once a month or if near the beach twice a month will wash away the salt ( chloride)
Your BBQ Rangehood will have shinny Baffle Filters rather than Rust encrusted ones!

How Salt chloride Attaches itself to the Baffle Filters!

This is of real concern if your BBQ Rangehood is located within 1 to 5 Kilometers of the beach or a Tidal Estuary!
The salt is always in the air more so on blustery days & is attracted to the BBQ Rangehood when operating.
It will lodge itself wherever it can gain a hold more probably in the side of the vents or in the conduits where the oil & grease lodge.
If not cleaned out with dishwasher washing within a very short time your Baffle Filters will look like they are rusting.
3-6 months of active use without any dishwasher cleaning & 1-5 Kilometers from the beach your BBQ Rangehoods Baffle Filters
will look unsightly & need to be replaced.

Keeping longevity of Baffle Filters on BBQ Rangehoods.

You can ignore the Dishwashing on a regular basis of the Baffle Filters on your BBQ Rangehood & if as I have said above
you reside 1-5 kilometers from the beach you will need to replace your BBQ Rangehood Baffle Filters every 3 months!
Baffle Filter cost approximately $30 per filter.Most BBQ Rangehood have at least 6 Baffle Filters larger BBQ Rangehoods could have up to 10 Baffle Filters.
It become a very costly exercise!
Dishwasher washing will extend the life of your BBQ Rangehood Baffle Filters by Years rather Than Months!